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Mini trend: how to wear overalls

In the constant spin that is fashion's merry-go-round, the overall is back for this summer. An '80s and '90s favourite – think Jennifer Aniston on Friends and Tori Spelling on 90210 – the buckled onesie made a comeback a few years ago, only to disappear down a slippery slide.

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This season, the look is edgier, with celebrities from Taylor Swift to Cate Blanchett showing how it's done. The key is to take other trends, such as the tonal look (wearing one colour head to toe) or the industrial look of D-rings and eyelets, and incorporate the overalls, rather than building the outfit around them. Too easy.

Who's doing it

Taylor Swift likes 'em cropped, while Heidi Klum prefers a '70s-style flare to her 'ralls.

While blue denim is ruling the celebrity street-style stakes, Olivia Palermo showed earlier this year how to rock a pair in leather.

And Cate Blanchett wore a black pair over a tangerine knit with Giuseppe Zanotti heels just two days before the Golden Globes.

On the runway, Bianca Spender showed at Fashion Week Australia how to make the tonal look in sand look anything but beige.

How to wear it

The overall objective is to avoid looking like a toddler, so avoid anything too pretty or cutesie with your ensemble.

Make like Ms Blanchett with a bold top, or pair your dungarees with bright accessories.

Sky-high heels will also avoid any suggestions you've come straight from the sandpit.

Where to get the look

If you want to dip your toe in the water without spending a fortune, try Cotton On, which has slim styles for under . In the mid-range,One Teaspoon, a favourite of Kendall Jenner, has shredded styles for under 0. And if you want to make like Cate, then See by Chloe has your style.

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