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slimmer Emma Bleakley ditches size 30 dresses

And now at 13st 7lb she’s no longer shopping for shapeless size 30 outfits after fitting into a 10 for the first time.

Emma, 23, said: “The change has been amazing, I don’t recognise myself sometimes.

2016 Classy Long Watermelon/White Tailor Made Evening Prom Dresses (LFNDB0014)

“I was shopping the other day and saw a one shoulder prom dresses I liked but they only had a size 10.

“I decided to try it on anyway and I couldn’t believe it fitted me — I was dancing in the changing room.”

Emma, of Elgin, used to scoff burgers, takeaways, fizzy drinks and crisps. Her high calorie diet meant she was “mortified” aged 17 when she couldn’t fit on a theme park ride.

But now she makes healthy home-cooked meals and her favourite treats are low-fat yoghurt and fruit. She said: “I feel brilliant — I’ve lost the equivalent of a whole person.

“I’ve got so much more energy when I’m out walking my dogs.

“I’ve been overweight since a child, so it was the result of a lifetime of bad eating habits.”

Emma, a class manager at Scottish Slimmers who started her healthy eating plan two years ago, added: “I don’t see it as a diet — it’s a complete lifestyle change.”

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