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Will 2017 be the year of the tuxedo

The awards season is synonymous with red carpet glamour, with designers falling over themselves to green prom dress Hollywood's leading ladies.

But it seems change is afoot, with increasing numbers of female stars shunning fussy couture gowns for a decidedly more masculine look - and stylists are hailing it as a 'fresh' alternative to traditional dresses.

Leading the way is Evan Rachel Wood, just one of three actresses who opted for a tuxedo at last weekend's Golden Globes.

The Westworld star, 29, turned to luxury label Altuzarra after deciding to wear a 'pantsuit' for the star-studded ceremony.

'This is my third nomination and I’ve been to the Globes six times, and I’ve worn a dress every time,' she told interviewer Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

'I love dresses, I’m not trying to protest dresses, but I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew they aren’t a requirement.

'And that you don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to, and to just be yourself because you're worth is more than that.'

Explaining that her bespoke suit was inspired by Marlene Dietrich's iconic top hat and tails look, she also showcased her suit as a tribute to David Bowie, who died one year ago this week.

Rachel joined actresses Kathryn Hahn and Octavia Spencer in showcasing androgynous styles, but they are far from the only stars to turn to tuxes to make an impact.

Last year, Twitter was set alight after Lena Dunham wore a tuxedo to the Met Gala alongside Jenna Lyons and Jennifer Konner.

Stars including Victoria Beckham, Daokta Johnson and Jessica Alba have also jumped on board the trend in recent years - while Kourtney Kardashian has suited up not once but twice, after dressing as Jay Gatsby for her mother Kris Jenner's 60th birthday bash.

Evan Rachel Wood paired hers with a white shirt and waistcoat, with style bible Vogue praising its 'clean lines and sophisticated panache'.

While other stars have given theirs a ***y edge, wearing nothing but a bralet or vest underneath.

And celebrity stylist Lucas Armitage (@lucasmarmitage), who dresses Katie Piper and Made in Chelsea's Tiffany Watson, says it thanks to a few 'pioneering' stars that we're seeing more of them on the red carpet.

'Shunning the traditional gown feels modern, fresh and a very bold fashion step,' he tells FEMAIL.

'I have styled many of my clients in suits and the key is to get the fit right. Don't be scared to take it to your local tailor to get alterations; a high street suit can look designer if it fits like a glove.'

While designers like Stella McCartney are masters of the female tux, Lucas points to brands like Ted Baker and Reiss for more affordable high street alternatives.

Fashion expert Simon Glazin agrees. 'More and more designers are now showing trousers as part of there seasonal lineups,' he says.

'Traditionally, red carpet events are dominated by floaty gowns and second-skin dresses, but you do get the odd celebrity to break convention and go for tailoring. After all, a suit is still black tie attire!

'And you only have to look back in fashion history to see the most iconic moments are in trousers: Marlene Dietrich, that famous image of Bianca Jagger in a white trouser suit, Julie Andrews in [1982 film] Victor/Victoria in 1982.

'For me, a woman in a trouser suit is a powerful image. It's bending gender stereotypes, and the ultra masculine look, that evoke a sense of power in them.'

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One style lesson every guy can learn from the best-dressed man at the Golden Globes

Ryan Gosling is now a certified leading man. And lucky for us, he's started dressing like one.

The 36-year-old "La La Land" actor has always had great style, but it's nice to see his style evolution match his professional one.

Take, for instance, his red carpet-stealing black tie at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards January 8.

The problem with wearing black tie in 2017 is that it inherently feels nostalgic and old school. Even the most connected and metropolitan men probably only wear it as many times a year as you can count on one hand.

Leaning in to the nostalgia can be tempting when black prom dresses in black tie, but it's important not to lean too far. Gosling strikes the perfect balance in his throwback ivory dinner jacket.

It's a daring one-button style that is less formal than the traditional two-button. It's paired with a matte bowtie instead of satin, and suede shoes instead of patent leather: two additional touches that take the formal factor down a notch. It all fits perfectly. This is black tie on his own terms.

He finishes it off with an atypical red boutineer.

All of these touches add up to a unique black tie tuxedo that is a nod to the rules and stated dress code, but that mixes it up in a way that is both interesting and appropriate. It shows thatGosling has a mastery of the rules, and knows how and when to break them.

He's been dressing in black tie for these award shoes long enough to know exactly what rules can be broken to augment his style while staying within bounds. It's worth noting that this isn't exclusive to black-tie black prom dresses uk.

Will following this guideline make you as stylish as Ryan Gosling? Probably not — he's had at least a decade to perfect it. But it can't hurt to start now.

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Native Designers at SWAIA Haute Couture & Pret-a-Porter Fashion Show 2016

Some of the best Native designers will again do a whirlwind tour de force runway exhibit in about an hour or so on the first day of SWAIA’s Indian Market. The third annual Indian Market Fashion Show highlights Native designers who push the creative exploration of original and unique fashion as inspired by their diverse backgrounds.

marieprom evening dresses

The show is an innovated expression of fashion, design and art, featuring award winning and internationally recognized Native designers. The exhibit is both Haute Couture, a designer line of high-end customized fashions, and Pret-a-Porter, what is better known as Ready-to-Wear, lines of standard size fashions ready to purchase and wear.

Fashion has become a touchstone of all things Native American. You can start by calling fashion self-expression and from there it branches out, pride, tradition, family, contemporary, modern, avant-garde, chic, but also outspoken, street, natural, elegant, comfortable, simple and beautiful. Try to avoid trendy which can become appropriation but it is always self-expression and so you have to own it and might as well flaunt it.

Many of the artists are also represented atNative Fashion Now, a major touring fashion show initiated at the Peabody Es*** Museum in Salem, MA by curator Karen Kramer. It is now showing at thePortland Art Museum, will travel to the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa and end at the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City. If you cannot make one of the venues, I highly recommend purchasing the exhibit catalog as a teaching tool and important contemporary cultural document.

Designers at SWAIA 2016 Haute Couture Show

Jamie Okuma(Luiseño/Shoshone-Bannock) began bead working as a child creating her own dance regalia for powwows near her home, on the La Jolla Luiseño Reservation. At the age of 22, Okuma became the youngest artist in the history of Santa Fe Indian market to win Best of Show, which would become the first of her four Best of Show awards: two from SWAIA and two from the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market.

Orlando Dugi(Navajo) designs work that embodies a fresh statement through beads and fine materials such as silks, crocodile leather, crystals, feathers, velvet, gold and gems. Ideas of elegance, fashion, and creativity are evident in every piece of evening wear and accessory he creates. Most of his work is a single bead stitch technique utilizing the smallest beads, drawing attention to detail and precision.

Sho Sho Esquiro(Kaska Dene/Cree) is an award winning artist who is inspired by her Native North American roots and respect for nature, which is derivative of her upbringing in Yukon, Canada. Esquiro uses organic fabrics, as well as recycled leathers, furs, and trims, in vibrant colors. Resulting in melding her passion for hip-hop culture with her aboriginal heritage to create a unique, fresh look with an urban-Native twist.

Patricia Michaelsis a Traditional Native woman (Taos Pueblo) who is a style-maker at the forefront of modern fashion design and aesthetics. She creates boldly hip designs with a quality of timeless elegance. In 2012, she was asked to join the Season 11 cast of Project Runway.

Dorothy Grant(Haida) has been an internationally renowned contemporary fashion designer for over thirty-two years. In 1988, Grant became the first designer to merge Haida art and fashion utilizing her formal training at the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design. After seventeen years in retail and manufacturing, Grant has transformed her entrepreneurial focus to Native art market trade shows and online sales through her website.

Pamela Baker(Kwakwaka'wakw/Squamish) As a single mother, Pamela moved her two children down to Los Angeles, California to study at Otis College of Art and Design where she obtained her degree in Fashion Design. Her newly acquired degree provided her with the technical skills and business acumen to focus her efforts on designing a future that would honour her ancestors. Baker is the creator of Touch of Culture, where modern technology blends with style and traditional values and symbols.

Blue Wedding Dress - Pamela Baker

Blue Wedding short prom dresses - Pamela BakerCrystal Rose Demientieff Worlis Tlingit Athabascan from Raven moiety, Sockeye Clan, from the Raven House. She is a child of a Thunderbird and from the Chilkat region in Southeast Alaska. Raised between Fairbanks and Juneau, she was introduced at a young age to her traditional arts, practices, and storytelling. Crystal experiments with kiln-cast glass, printmaking, painting, and silversmithing. She recently began working with fish skin, seal gut-skin, and furs.

David Gaussoin, born in Santa Fe, New Mexico of Picuris Pueblo, Navajo, and French descent, stems from a long line of artists on his mother's side with various silversmiths, painters, rug weavers, sculptors, and woodworkers. Gaussoin works with gold, sterling silver, and various precious and semiprecious stones, as well as incorporating materials not necessarily associated with jewelry, such as steel.

Wayne Nez Gaussoin, born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is from a family of artist who taught him the art of silversmithing. Nez Gaussoins’ style is a mix of traditional Native American applications with a contemporary flair. He experiments with non-traditional materials in a progressive sense of design that incorporates his interest in art, photography, music, and fashion design.

Celeste Worl(Tlingit) is a visual artist and DJ, from the Northwest Coast, she was surrounded by a family of totem pole carvers, basket weavers. In 1980, Celeste and her family founded the Alaska Native Magazine (ANM). The magazine served as an educational, political and informational medium as well as reintroduced old ways of life and art into the Native struggle for survival in a new system. Celeste worked as the magazine's graphic artist, art director and its publisher.

Amber-Dawn Bear Robe(Blackfoot/Siksika) is an art curator and art historian who teaches at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. She has been called on again by SWAIA to be the Fashion Show producer and head wrangler of designers, artists, models, photographers, makeup and hair artists, DJ and sound crew.

The event takes place on Saturday August 20 at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, starting at 1:00 pm. copy0 tickets for up front seating, and free standing room.

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Gwen Stefani Is “No Doubt” Feeling ‘90s Vibes in This Casual Moschino Look

Gwen Stefani was practically the queen of the ‘90s, so it’s no surprise that she can rock this throwback style as well as any star. The No Doubt singer was spotted making her way to the studio in Burbank, Calif. on Wednesday, looking tomboy-cool in a casual ensemble.

marieprom evening dresses

photos:short prom dresses

Stefani rocked an oversize white tee with a Moschino logo ($350;, a major trend on celebrities and street style stars alike. The celeb paired her nostalgic tee with boyfriend-fit distressed denim and red high-top sneakers. Pulling her platinum blonde hair up into a topknot and adding a bright pink lip, she looked every bit the ’90s rock star.

Stefani has a few more California dates left on her This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour, but luckily she hasn’t had to spend too much time away from her beau,Blake Shelton: The country crooner has joined his girlfriend on many a tour stop, performing a surprise duet on their hit, Go Ahead and Break My Heart.

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5 Fashion Labels on the Rise

marieprom evening dresses


The Canadian wunderkind Vejas Kraszewski may only be 19, but he already has a deep understanding of luxury. His hot-selling brand Vejas, which launched in fits and starts in 2014, landed him a place on the short list for this year’s LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, an acknowledgement that encouraged him and his small Toronto team to hold an informal presentation in Paris this past March. His fall collection, which features sophisticated pieces in wool felt, shaved goat hair, alpaca knit, nylon, and a purple leather that Kruszewski says reminds him of a bruise, is relatively womanly for a designer whose clothes tend to defy conventional notions of gender. “Certain looks are better suited to the curves of the female body,” he concedes. “But I always make pieces for myself as well.”

Carlo Volpi Knitwear

Carlo Volpi shows his designs on men, but his intricately textured sweaters in tutti-frutti hues are quite lady-friendly. “I’ve always found the notion of gender irrelevant,” says the London-based ­Italian, who is 38. “I consider my work uni***—I like to mock traditional stereotypes.” Furthering that point with his fall collection of tunics, printed sweatshirts, satin blousons, and jogging pants, he combines Pop stripes with schmaltzy broken hearts and cartoon prints. Volpi produces the sweaters using Italian yarns and knitting machines that provide the lo-fi look he prefers. “I love the freedom and the magic of knit. It still amazes me how you can create a garment from a strand of yarn. It’s a weird obsession, almost a fetish.”


Antonin Tron spent the past decade working at Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton, all the while longing to start his own line. “It had to be the right moment, both for me and for how I envisioned things,” he says. It wasn’t until the 32-year-old French designer came upon some dead-stock jersey and a family-run factory with the savoir-faire to work with it that Atlein was born. The name refers to “an abstract destination—the Atlantic Ocean is really important to me,” says Tron, who escapes whenever he can to surf on France’s Southwestern coast. His love of the sport is reflected in his debut collection, comprised of intricately patched short prom dress uk and fluid separates. “Comfort and freedom of movement are important. I try not to forget the woman who will move and live in these clothes.”


As the name suggests, Afterhomework(Paris) began as an extracurricular activity. Two years ago, Pierre Kaczmarek, then just 15, started designing T-shirts for his friends; last fall, he launched an all-black collection inspired by the French painter Pierre ­Soulages. Kaczmarek makes his own patterns or drapes directly on models, and plans to take sewing classes rather than enroll in fashion school. The precocious teen, who works with Elena Mottola, 18, a stylist who is his “muse and right arm,” says his most recent offerings are a response to the terrorist attacks in Paris last November—one of the targeted cafés was just down the block from his apartment. “This affected us deeply. I wanted to show that young people can rise up through artistic expression.”


Growing up in South Korea in the late 1990s, Rok Hwang would go to great lengths to get his fashion fix. “Information was very limited—I remember searching and searching to have a look at Martin Margiela’s or Raf Simons’s latest collection images,” he says. It was a magazine interview with Louise Wilson, the legendary British professor of fashion design, that motivated him to move to London and attend Central Saint Martins, after which he landed a job working with Phoebe Philo at Céline. “I learned so much about tailoring from her and the beauty of perfectly cut garments,” Hwang, 32, says. His new line, Rokh, designed with his wife, Stella Im, 26, debuts this fall. “The Rokh girl has attitude,” he says of his “distorted” trenchcoats, satin slip MarieProm short prom dresses with bondage-style straps, and slightly savage fur coats. “She’s real and raw.”

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Let's start with the ruffles. You can't move for ruffles. And velvet. Sometimes you find yourself dreaming about them. You wake up at the point of suffocation by ruffled velvet. It's a hauntingly romantic kind of season. Sometimes the romance turns dark. Those teeny, tiny sprig prints (it's also a print season) grow predatory. You feel like Gretel—a Gretel who hankers after one of those gorgeous floaty (yup, the season is floaty as well) or lacy (that too, lots and lots of it) ruffled short prom dresses you saw at Alexander McQueen. The ones seeped in fantasy motifs; the ones Sarah Burton said she purposely wanted to be redolent of nightmares as much as she wanted them to be sweet, because one without the other is not interesting. You want one very badly because, like so many of this fall's folksy, flouncy chiffon dresses (seen at Erdem, Rodarte, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Alberta Ferretti, et al.), they're exquisite. Then you remember that you don't do sprigs, or dresses, and maybe you haven't worn florals or flounces for two decades. That shouldn't be a lifelong pass; the right floral or flounce may be the rogue atom that revitalizes your entire closet.

marieprom evening dresses

Welcome to a new season—one that doesn't simply propose a stranglehold on a lone idea but a myriad of possibilities, from biker girls to Pre-Raphaelites, outdoor-bound anorak wearers to armchair athletes.

If the onslaught of ideas seems confusing when you walk into a store or wander into an online boutique at summer's end, keep in mind that they're just the catalysts for a closet-refresher course—an ideal time to put some fresh gas in the tank.

The takeaway mesغير مجاز مي باشدe for real life? Mixing a single sporty piece with heels and tailoring is a shortcut to contemporary polish. It cuts it in the workplace, for sure. This season, try a silky, cuff-hemmed jogging pant with heels and a tailored jacket. Meanwhile, trainers, tuxedos, and crystals are now a classic trope for evening. Who said dressing up can't be effortless?

For a more formal excursion into androgynous functionality, there's always menswear—and I mean always. Pinstripes, elongated waistcoats, and brogues abound, and they've acquired a renewed desirability when styled with extravagant jewelry and lushly feminine fabrics.

If you haven't yet traded your white shirts for a soft, decorative blouse in any color but especially a dark jewel tone, this is your moment. From florals to stripes, scarf ties to lace inserts, metallics to ruffled yokes, Beatrix Potter necklines to Marc Jacobs's theatrical neck bows, the statement blouse is becoming the transformer trigger for many women: that key piece that's (almost) making a tailored jacket redundant but certainly works beautifully with it. Wear it with jeans or tweeds for a sensual but edgy option and a satin s******t or culottes to take you from a fashion party through to the most elegant setting.

To identify more mercurial agitators, it's helpful to understand the seasonal mood. Proportions and colors can (and should) be adapted to personal taste, but mood—and the pieces to invest in, to boot—provides a framework for seemingly disparate forces. This fall, there's an antiestablishment spirit that touches on everything, whether it's the ethereal Victorian maxis at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini that are pushing out the Trump-pleasing, ***y, fitted dresses of the past; the streetwear that sprang fully formed at Vetements a year ago; or the dressed-down high-fashion renditions of athleisure. From cropped-haired, makeup-free models to chunky flat-form shoes, the ä norms of pretty are being challenged.

Where there is rebellion, the military is never far behind. Enter Prada, Versace, and Valentino, to name but three houses, with some of the smartest tailoring we have seen in a very long time.

No grown woman should take any of fashion's caprices literally. Even designers don't anymore. Instead they undercut every decree with a metaphorical lift of the eyebrow. Prada's army coats were shown with ultra-waist-cinching belts and ladylike top-handle bags. Valentino's were the carapace for the filmiest lace and tulle gowns. Versace's stirrup ski pants marched out with razor-sharp jackets and heels. There's utilitarian yin and vintage-looking yang everywhere you look: the brocade at Gucci, Prada, and See by Chloé, where quilted vests were slipped under khaki overalls; the animal prints at Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney; and a slick rehash of 1970s excess at Roberto Cavalli.

And, yes, you did read the words "stirrup pants." They were in Demna Gvasalia's much-talked-about debut runway show for Balenciaga too, worn with jewel-smothered satin stilettos, and they probably constitute the season's most radical pants choice. You may want to pursue the popular velvet pant instead. Giorgio Armani pretty much has the genre covered in his take on menswear suiting, while Valentino used the opulent material in sumptuous dresses.

But let's not dismiss the stirrup out of hand because, as discussed, you never know. At Balenciaga it came with some spectacular ski-jacket interpretations, featuring soaring necklines or off-the-shoulder ones, quilting, and sky-high price tags. The definition of modern, pragmatic luxury—warm, light, and, unlike fake or real fur, impervious to waterlogging—Balenciaga's puffy coats and canvas anoraks are emblematic of an urban sportiness that can't simply be explained away as a passing trend. A rackful of haute bombers and sweatshirt fabrics is turning recent notions of what passes for elegance on their head.

Even fashion's die-hard romantics, bohos, and glamour junkies have bought into this athleisure moment: an equestrian-inspired quilted cobalt satin below-the-knee, belted coat at Tory Burch; and the ubiquitous track pants.

Then there is the equally relaxed and fictional color-blocked leather motorcycle jacket at Rag & Bone, graphic sportswear at Louis Vuitton, plus kick-flare leather pants with seaming borrowed from the Hells Angels … What is it about the biking fraternity (and sorority) that makes it so eternally appealing to fashion designers who go everywhere by limo? Discipline? Rebelliousness? The combination has produced a welcome high-energy alternative to the old body-con silhouettes. Right now fashion is in love with the strong ***iness of the sports arena rather than the cleavage-flashing of the showgirl.

There is so much tweed around, by the way, all of it juxtaposed with things that would startle our grandmothers—trainers, lamé, leather, and denim. There's also an array of tempting new bags to add a punctuation mark to your look or to deliberately throw it off-kilter, including Mulberry's navy Maple tote with contrasting topstitching; Loewe's expandable, highly adaptable, small Hammock; Balenciaga's Classic Traveller backpack in black suede; and an abundance of dainty top-handle and decorative chain-strap bags … no whatevers there. A bland era this is not.

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Stella Maxwell shows off her fit figure in a sheer mesh mini dress while leaving NYC nightclub hours after MTV VMAs

Stella Maxwell is not shy about showing off her incredible figure.

The 26-year-old was spotted leaving the New York City club Up & Down in the early morning hours while dressed in a slightly see-through prom dresses liverpool.

The model donned the thigh-grazing black and white frock hours after attending the MTV Video Music Awards in a Moschino patterned two piece.

The Victoria's Secret Angel wowed in the thigh-grazing number, which revealed the outline of her underwear.

Stella paired the high-neck mesh dress with black thigh-high boots.

The runway star styled her blonde tresses back into a high ponytail with a slight wave.

The cover girl wore copper hued eye shadow on her lids with pink lipstick and shimmery highlighter.

On Sunday, Stella attended the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden.

The starlet showed off her flat midriff in a Moschino crop top and flared bottoms.

The patterned ensemble featured red, yellow, black and white tones.

The beauty complimented the bold spaghetti strap top and flared trousers with equally colorful heels.

Stella, who added delicate earrings, chose chunky shoes with red, yellow and blue tones.

The Belgium-born beauty posed on the carpet with Jeremy Scott, the creative director for Moschino.

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VMAs 216: Ashley Graham shuts down red carpet as she flashes underwear in raunchy dress

The plus-size model thrilled fans at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards by flashing her underwear in a completely sheer evening gowns.

She teamed her grey lingerie and sequinned dress with simple glowing make-up.

The star was also rocking a new shorter hair do, similar to Kim Kardashian’s asymetric bob she was working a few weeks ago.

Ashley was going for a wet look with her locks, which was seen on Mrs West too.

There seemed to be no competition between the pair however, as they took photos of each other and giggled.

Ashley’s flash of her undies was just one of the risqué looks from last night.


We guess with stars like Beyonce and Britney in attendance, you have to do something to stand out, right.

The 21-year-old, who’s real name is Ashley Frangipane, teamed her raunchy outfit with deep purple lipstick, as well as silver nails and jewellery.

Fair play Halsey, she can clearly rock a strong look.

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When it comes to wedding prom dresses 2016 you are normally looking at eye-watering amounts just to complete the Princess fantasy you have built up in your head ever since you were a little girl.

Reality is that you probably haven’t made millions yet and neither has your husband, so horse drawn carriages, dolphins leaping out of the water and a custom Wang gown might be a little out of your price range.

Thankfully, many brands are filling this gap and one of the most beautiful American designers is doing their part. Reformation just released their Autumn wedding collection and it will even convert those who hate weddings.

All of Reformations garments are not only غير مجاز مي باشدt the earth, the wedding range averages NZD670. They are also good for the earth, each garment is made from sustainable fabrics and they incorporate better practices throughout the supply chain. There’s something for the rest of us without an engagement ring as well.

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Bride offers rewards for wedding day photos

It’s a heart-breaker, losing all your photos from your wedding day.

That’s just what happened after a thief made off with a wedding photographer’s cameras.

photos:white evening dresses uk

Now the photographer is offering a reward and so are the newlyweds.

The bride and groom are hoping someone out there can help them get their photos back.

Cara Urias had the wedding of her dreams this past weekend up in Farmington.

But for now she’ll have to use her memories and guests’ cell phone pictures to look back on her special day.

Urias got the call from her photographer, Shanice Gonzales. Gonzales told her she left the two cameras she used for the wedding in her car overnight.

She says she must have forgotten to lock it up and when she woke up someone had made off with the cameras along with the memory cards. She took to Facebook and then had to break the bad news to the bride.

Two expensive Nikon cameras and all the gadgets attached.

But it’s the memory cards they really want back.

Gonzales did file a police report.

Between her and the bride’s family they’re offering a $1,000 reward just to get the memory cards from the cameras back.

Gonzales says her two cameras were worth around $7,000.

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Bride offers rewards for wedding day photos

It’s a heart-breaker, losing all your photos from your wedding day.

That’s just what happened after a thief made off with a wedding photographer’s cameras.

photos:white evening dresses uk

Now the photographer is offering a reward and so are the newlyweds.

The bride and groom are hoping someone out there can help them get their photos back.

Cara Urias had the wedding of her dreams this past weekend up in Farmington.

But for now she’ll have to use her memories and guests’ cell phone pictures to look back on her special day.

Urias got the call from her photographer, Shanice Gonzales. Gonzales told her she left the two cameras she used for the wedding in her car overnight.

She says she must have forgotten to lock it up and when she woke up someone had made off with the cameras along with the memory cards. She took to Facebook and then had to break the bad news to the bride.

Two expensive Nikon cameras and all the gadgets attached.

But it’s the memory cards they really want back.

Gonzales did file a police report.

Between her and the bride’s family they’re offering a $1,000 reward just to get the memory cards from the cameras back.

Gonzales says her two cameras were worth around $7,000.

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Riding into Fall with Tory Burch

Always taking inspiration from special moments in her life, Tory Burch’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is a tribute to her childhood love of horseback riding.

With sporty elements seen throughout the collection along with pieces from Tory Sport, classic sportswear with equestrian detailing is the general feel.

The media preview was held at Lupa restaurant in Hong Kong where the restaurant was decorated to evoke a classic Parisian café.

Anchored by a custom floor pattern that resembles intricate tilework in neutral shades of black, brown and bone, regional members of the press were invited to look, feel and touch the collection.

From coats in bold jockey-silk patterns and skinny jodhpurs to riding shirts, long wide-leg pants and an oversized peacoat, the collection remains true to its sleek and chic signature silhouette.

Other pieces of note are the seventies-inspired A-line s******ts and track jackets that can be mixed and layered.

Bomber jackets make a statement in several distinct materials and finishes including a long, floor length version in blue.

prom dresses 2016 are cinched at the waist and worn over turtlenecks and tailored pants, while high-collared shirts are paired with sporty knits and cropped blazers.

Eveningwear takes on a relaxed, cool vibe with fluid gowns. There are also pajama-style outifts which make for a different look for formal events.

The colour palette is a mix of bold reds, blues and greens mixed with earthy tones of rust, brown and plum balanced by eggplant and orange for additional warmth.

Prints and patterns add further dimension to the collection with sporty stripes and colourful jockey-silk patterns which then moves into a vintage floral on a black background and an artful interpretation of horses pulling a chariot.

A noteworthy update is a print inspired by the Gemini Link rounds out the collection’s tomboy chic appeal with its perfectly symmetrical links based on the double-T logo.

Forming an integral part of the collection, the Gemini Link is featured on handbags, shoes, belts and print designs as well as jewellery as the perfect complement to the collection’s equestrian influences.

The number two is a significant number for Tory — from her twins to her zodiac sign, Gemini.

So with the Gemini Link symmetrical double links, it celebrates life’s dualities and the two sides to every story.

Like so many women of today, Tory has a multidimensional approach to life: she is a mother and an entrepreneur, an introvert and an extrovert, a designer and a CEO.

Even the detail at the center of the double link is a subtle nod to the brand’s graphic double-T logo, drawing inspiration from Moroccan architecture and Tory’s favorite interior designer, David Hicks.

Another accessory to keep an eye out on is the Gigi pump. A 60s-inpsired low heel shoe, it features a round toe, a block heel and a metal “T” framed by an enamel plaque – lending graphic detail to the otherwise minimal silhouette, making it the perfect desk-to-dinner companion.

Overall, it is an eclectic mix of materials which places focus on a play on textures as ribbed knits and boiled wool are juxtaposed with intricate patterned lace, lame silk, suede and glossy eelskin pieced together in bold stripes.

Trapunto stitching, quilting and piped edges add graphic interest and contrast.

Other accessories reflect a mood of a certain street style nonchalance – from a convertible harness bag to boots with removable spats to an update on the Reva flat.

Boots and booties go from the paddock to the runway with horseshoe-shaped heels, while spats and horsehair tassels are handcrafted by a Brazilian gaucho.

Handbags are unstructured and versatile with pieces ranging from graphic hobos to easy shapes with harness belts and hooded buckles, while pendant necklaces and shoulder-sweeping earrings with natural horsehair tassels underscore the collection’s effortless spirit.

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10 Questions For Wolf And Lamb Designer Alison Reynolds

Nothing is more classic than the perfect leather jacket, but the right one is different for everyone.

Wolf and Lamb, created and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles, is a sustainable leather jacket brand, fusing one-of-a-kind vintage style with a modern form and fit. Echoing the free spirited, So-Cal lifestyle with a green point of view, each wolf and lamb jacket is individually, selected, deconstructed and reborn in a fresh, contemporary fit.

Whether it's a classic, black motorcycle jacket, a sharp, bright-white, fringe racer jacket, or a soft, caramel suede mini trench coat, Wolf and Lamb's one-of-a-kind luxury leather items certainly make a statement.

We caught up with brand's founder and designer, Alison (Ali) Reynolds, to chat about her design process, her closet must haves and who she would die to see in one of her jackets.

Go inside the atelier below.

1. Tell us about how you first got into the fashion industry.

I've always loved personal style. Seeing how my people put together their outfits, interpret current trends, how they accessorize and add their own unique touches is inspiring to me. I studied business and wanted to work in an industry I was passionate about. I started working on the finance and operations side for several contemporary brands.

2. When did you decide you wanted to launch your own label and how did the sustainable leather focus come about?

I started thinking about launching a label a few years ago. I started working with my own collection of vintage leather jackets I had collected over the years, researching the fit, playing with different styles and new linings. As a life-long vintage lover, I've acquired some truly timeless pieces over the years. Pieces which hold special memories for me. I came across many vintage leather jackets that I knew would be modern, classic and just stunning once reworked.

Wolf and Lamb

3. Where does the name Wolf and Lamb come from?

I loved the contract between the two: the toughness of a leather jacket on the outside and the softness of a new silk lining on the inside.

Wolf and Lamb

4. Each jacket in the collection is individually made. Tell us about the process.

I am always on the lookout for unique pieces for my collections. I was in Europe recently and picked up an incredible 80's red motorcycle jacket from Warsaw that I am really excited about. Because each jacket is one-of-a-kind and individually made, each piece is its own exciting challenge in a way. What can we do to modernize this particular piece? What elements of the jacket make it stand out and how can we enhance them? What custom lining will tie the whole piece together? It's always so fun to see the finished product and just how beautifully it comes out.

5. What has been the most exciting moment in your career so far?

Seeing our wolf and lamb USA jacket in Cass Bird's viral video for Vogue video featuring Lily Aldridge, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Ashley Graham. I must have watched it a million times. Its incredible.

6. What are three things in your closet you can't live without?

My vintage black leather and python steel-toe ankle boots I got in Australia,Levi's 501's, and this red silk embroidered Isabel Marant mini black evening dresses uk.

#7. If you could see any celeb in one of your designs, who would it be?

Ruby Rose.

Wolf and Lamb

8. What do you think it is about a leather jacket that makes them so classic and never out of style?

For me, leather jackets always make me feel more confident. They are also incredibly versatile, seasonless and can be black formal dresses up or down depending on the occasion.

9. The collection is made and designed in LA. What are some of your favorite spots in the City of Angeles?

New Stone Age on W. 3rd St for indie jewelry designers and unique finds, LeoCarillo State Beach in Malibu where I can bring my pooch and Petty Cash for happy hour (cauliflower nachos!)

Wolf and Lamb

10. Where do you see the brand in five years?

I would love to expand internationally and to customize my collections for different regions. A men's line would also be pretty cool.

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Mini trend: how to wear overalls

In the constant spin that is fashion's merry-go-round, the overall is back for this summer. An '80s and '90s favourite – think Jennifer Aniston on Friends and Tori Spelling on 90210 – the buckled onesie made a comeback a few years ago, only to disappear down a slippery slide.

photos:mermaid style prom dresses

This season, the look is edgier, with celebrities from Taylor Swift to Cate Blanchett showing how it's done. The key is to take other trends, such as the tonal look (wearing one colour head to toe) or the industrial look of D-rings and eyelets, and incorporate the overalls, rather than building the outfit around them. Too easy.

Who's doing it

Taylor Swift likes 'em cropped, while Heidi Klum prefers a '70s-style flare to her 'ralls.

While blue denim is ruling the celebrity street-style stakes, Olivia Palermo showed earlier this year how to rock a pair in leather.

And Cate Blanchett wore a black pair over a tangerine knit with Giuseppe Zanotti heels just two days before the Golden Globes.

On the runway, Bianca Spender showed at Fashion Week Australia how to make the tonal look in sand look anything but beige.

How to wear it

The overall objective is to avoid looking like a toddler, so avoid anything too pretty or cutesie with your ensemble.

Make like Ms Blanchett with a bold top, or pair your dungarees with bright accessories.

Sky-high heels will also avoid any suggestions you've come straight from the sandpit.

Where to get the look

If you want to dip your toe in the water without spending a fortune, try Cotton On, which has slim styles for under $50. In the mid-range,One Teaspoon, a favourite of Kendall Jenner, has shredded styles for under $150. And if you want to make like Cate, then See by Chloe has your style.

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Refugee crowned ‘wine queen,’ as German tradition evolves

A Syrian refugee has been crowned “wine queen” in Germany, winning a traditional annual honor that used to go to local young women from wine-growing families.

AP photo

Winemakers in the Mosel region selected the 26-year-old Ninorta Bahno to counter growing resentment in Germany against refugees after some 1 million arrived last year.

Many wine-producing regions in Germany pick a wine queen each year, a practice that dates back to the early 20th century when they would wear folksy dirndl silver prom dresses and embody the traditional image of German womanhood.

Taking to the podium at a wine festival in Trier in a sleeveless peach-color dress and her long black hair topped by a tiara, Bahno, who fled the Syrian war three years ago with her sister, cut a very different figure.

Addressing wine fans in the western Germany city, she thanked them “for taking me in” and said she hoped her coronation would hearten other refugees who are finding it hard to adjust to life in Germany.

“I know that as a refugee it is very difficult at first to integrate in a new country. First you have to understand the laws and traditions here, and then you have to practice them,” she said.

“Therefore I want to be an ‘ambassador’ so that I can put this into practice and integrate here in Germany, and for the other refugees.”

As wine queen, Bahno, who is training for a job at an employment office, will help publicize wine from four Mosel vineyards.

As a Christian, rather than a Muslim like the majority of Syrians, she has not had to overcome a taboo on drinking alcohol, an activity most Germans see as important to their culture.

“You have to have a bit of courage to ask one of the refugees. I wanted to send a mesغير مجاز مي باشدe by doing that,” Peter Terg, chairman of the Trier-Olewig wine-growers association, said.

“Lots of people say ‘we cannot manage it’. I say we, Germany, can manage it and she has managed to become an excellent wine ambassador.”

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How Denmark's Crown Prince Frederick Met His Non-Royal Wife

Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary

Ahhh, the Olympic games... The place where gold medals are won, athletic records are broken, and where the royals find love. Umm, what was that last one again? As it turns out, the man next in line to snag the Denmark throne, Crown Prince Frederick, met his non-royal wife, Mary, at the 2000 Olympic games inSydney, Australia. Guess all kinds of fairytales come true at the Olympics!

Before their magical Copenhagen wedding ceremony back in 2004, the prince and princess of Denmark, first crossed paths at the Slip Inn, a modest Australian bar during the Olympic games, People reports. Crown Princess Mary (then known as Mary Donaldson) was an advertising executive, while the Danish prince played the part of just another guy in a bar, introducing himself to Donaldson simply as "Fred."

"The first time we met, we shook hands," the now-princess remembers of that first modest meeting. "I didn't know he was the prince of Denmark. Half an hour later, someone came up to me and said, 'Do you know who these people are?'" Hey, give the girl a break! Can you really blame an Aussie for not being totally up-to-date on Danish royalty? We bet she's read up those history books by now!

Prince and Princess of Denmark

photos:blue prom dresses

For the next three years, the long-distance couple jetted back and forth between their two countries. Eventually Donaldson renounced her Australian citizenship and learned Danish, and the regal pair became engaged, with Frederick presenting his bride with an emerald-cut diamond flanked by two ruby baguettes. They tied the knot on May 14, 2004 at the Copenhagen Cathedral, and in a lace veil and satin grown, commoner Mary Donaldson became Crown Princess Mary. Since then, the royal couple has had four children and have attended almost every summer Olympic Games ever since!

Crown Princess Mary

Now, is Prince Harry due to appear at the Olympics this summer in Rio de Janeiro? Time to line up, ladies! Maybe this time next year we'll be planning for another royal wedding...

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6 style lessons to learn from Nollywood diva

The award winning Nollywood actress and producer knows just how to turn heads in her direction without 'forcing it'! She stays effortlessly classy on the red carpet - she knows the perfect looks for her body shape- and off; for glam outings, she stays radiant without been overdone and her every day style is worthy of mention as well, there's never a terrible style day with her.

Rita Dominic

The pretty actress who also carries herself well is always impeccably styled though some days she employs the help of a stylist but in recent times she's been her own stylist, she's featured in the news regularly because of her style choices from what she wears to her makeup which complements her own look and personality! She's managed to cement herself as a style star and her teaming followers love every bit of it.

These factors are main reasons she stays stylish and effortlessly too:

1. She dresses for her body

Rita Dominic doesn't force it! She black evening dresses uk for her frame/body shape, she'd never be caught dead in any unflattering piece although not one to stay safe, she knows what works for her and sticks with that.

2. She doesn't stay safe

The actress is ever ready to switch up her looks she doesn't play safe. She can go from a glam to casual chic, casual sporty, tomboyish and more without looking off. She plays around a lot of looks that works for her.

3. Her styling is spot on

Whether styled or self styled, Dominic dresses up for the occasion. She interpretes the 'dress code' just perfect! She won't be caught in a lacklustre look for a red carpet/glam event for example. She interpretes the dress code for each event just perfect, hair and makeup in tow.

4. Her style is unpredictable

Rita Dominic's style is not predictable. One minutes she's in a peplum detailed dress, the next she's switching to a fierce shirt dress or a casual sporty look and so on. She has a tendency to pull a surprise with her look. You never know what she's wearing next.

5. She's age appropriate

Rita Dominic doesn't do unnecessarily ***y or overly revealing. She's always appropriately dressed for her age, not boring, not dated but classy, grown up and clean.

6. She takes care of her body

The ageless actress is in her 40s but doesn't look a decade close to it. The actress makes sure she stays fit so her body looks good enough to rock those pieces.

She definitely has all these boxes ticked and it definitely something to try if looking to follow in her stylish steps.

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10 Hair Colourist Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Up Your Feed

Hair cutting and styling can certainly be considered a form of art, but when it comes to creative expression, it doesn't get better than hair colouring.

2016 Nice Long Blue Tailor Made Evening Prom Dresses (LFNDB0001)

photos:prom dresses liverpool

Whether a colourist is pushing the limits of the colour wheel with bright hues or just getting a client ready for Summer with some highlights, the process requires not only a keen understanding of colour but also of texture, cut, and dye. The professionals who concentrate on this skill are, in many ways, the superheroes of the salon. They're part artist, part chemist, and all-around beauty guru.

But you don't have to commit to a new shade to get a glimpse of the magic. Many of the top colourists — working with all styles, textures, and hues — are sharing their favourite dye jobs on Instagram. These are the 10 you'll want (let's be real, need) to follow right now.

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A transformat sticla de apă îmbuteliată într-un accesoriu de fashion. Acum are o afacere de aproape 50 de milioane de dolari

Sarah Kauss nu găsea o sticlă de apă potrivită pentru ţinutele ei, aşa că s-a hotărât să facă chiar ea una, scrie

Probabil că nu te-ai fi gândit că lumea de o altă apa îmbutelitată, chiar şi cu o sticlă care غير مجاز مي باشدtă 45 de dolari. "Cheltuiam foarte mulţi bani pe genţi apoi scoteam sticla de apă care arăta ca un accesoriu pentru oamenii care se caţără pe munte. Am vrut să fac un produs cu stil, un produs de lux", a spus ea.

A transformat sticla de apă îmbuteliată într-un accesoriu de fashion. Acum are o afacere de aproape 50 de milioane de dolari

photos:vintage formal dresses

Compania lui Kauss, S'well a ajuns de la venituri de 2,5 milioane de dolari în 2013 la 47 de milioane de dolari anul trecut, iar acest lucru nu s-a întâmplat doar datorită şansei. "Sunt atât de organizată, încât înnebunesc pe toată lumea din jurul meu. Anul trecut a fost unul dificil deoarece am trecut de la stadiul de proiect la start-up apoi la o companie medie, totul în doar un an şi jumătate", povesteşte Kauss. Acum 18 luni, ea a avea 18 angajaţi, azi are 47 de oameni în companie şi un plan de cinci ani "de inovaţie pentru sticlele de băuturi".

Sticlele lui Sarah Kauss se găsesc la magazinul de cadouri de la Muzeul de Artă Modernă din New York şi se vând la conferinţele TED Talk.

Produsul este tratat ca un accesoriu de fashion şi automat sticla trebuia să fie altfel. Aceasta este realizată din metal, în mai multe culori, foarte distinctive. Dar produsul nu est doar unul arătos, ci şi util, potrivit companiei, reuşind să ţină apa rece pentru 24 de ore sau caldă pentru 12 ore. Ea nu putea să trateze sticla de apă cum o fac alţi producătorii şi a decis să lanseze două colecţii de culori şi design-uri în fiecare an. "Clienţii noştri pot deveni colecţionari. Au de ales dintre cele 78 de design-uri realizate până acum

Anul trecut a avut vânzări de 10 milioane de dolari, iar din 2010, de la lansare, până în prezent, Kauss a reuşit să vândă produsul în 35 de ţări. Dar nu totul a mers foarte bine încă de la început. "Magazinele nu înţelegeau de ce este 35 de dolari sticla şi cine va da banii pe aşa ceva. Am primit foarte multe «nu-uri»", a spus ea. Ea creditează succesul companiei, în ciuda preţului ridicat al produsului, pe calitatea produsului. "Noi am avut rose gold înainte ca Apple să introducă această culoare", mai spune ea.

Kauss a lucrat singură la companie pentru primul an şi jumătate, iar operaţiunea se învârtea în jurul a 3000 de sticle pe an, pentru că atât de multe puteau încăpea în apartament. "N-am avut niciodată investitori. Încă nu avem", a declarat ea pentru CNBC. Ea s-a ocupat de promovare şi ea a contactat potenţialii clienţi. Primul client fiind Mxylplyzyk, un magazin de cadouri din Manhattan, New York, care acum nu mai există, însă despre care spune că a ajutat-o foarte mult să înţeleagă cum se fac afacerile.

În momentul de faţă, Kauss crede că ceea ce a fost mai greu a trecut. "Acum oamenii vin la noi şi vor să colaborăm. Înainte eu mergem la ei", mărturiseşte ea. "Vom fi o companie de miliarde de dolari. Este uşor. Ştiu ce trebuie să facem. Avem oamenii, ştim procesele, piaţa este acolo".

"Am învăţat foarte multe şi am avut foarte multe conversaţii cu prieteni despre cum ar trebui vândut produsul şi despre logisitca unei asemenea operaţiuni", spune ea. Kauss îi mai sfătuieşte pe tinerii antreprenori să-şi utilizeze reţelele pentru a-şi dezvolta ideilei şi să gândească mai îndrăzneţ şi să se concentreze pe imaginea de ansamblu şi să nu se blocheze în detalii.

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Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec Are Married!

Kym Johnsonand Robert Herjavec are husband and wife!

The Dancing with the Stars pro married the millionaire investor and Shark Tank star Sunday evening at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, E! News confirms.

Kym Johnson, Robert Herjavec, Engagement Ring

photos:mermaid prom dresses

According to People who first broke the news, the bride walked down the aisle in a Monique Lhuillier strapless gown as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played in the background. DWTSjudge Carrie Ann Inaba, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Derek Hough, Mark Ballas and Donny Osmond were just some of the 250 guests in attendance for the special day.

Guests were able to enjoy a champagne bar in honor of the bride while a whiskey bar was set up for the groom.

Herjavec, 53, popped the big question to Johnson, 39, earlier this year. The two-time DWTSwinnershared her joy on Instagram, writing, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world because last night the love of my life @robert_herjavec asked me to marry him and I said yes!"

Johnson recently celebrated her bachelorette in Las Vegas when she partied the night away alongside DWTS co-star Cheryl Burke and stylist Carson Kressley.

The group helped the bride-to-be kick things off with princess-themed party decorations and tiaras before heading off to see Jennifer Lopez's All I Have residency performance at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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