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10 Questions For Wolf And Lamb Designer Alison Reynolds

Nothing is more classic than the perfect leather jacket, but the right one is different for everyone.

Wolf and Lamb, created and manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles, is a sustainable leather jacket brand, fusing one-of-a-kind vintage style with a modern form and fit. Echoing the free spirited, So-Cal lifestyle with a green point of view, each wolf and lamb jacket is individually, selected, deconstructed and reborn in a fresh, contemporary fit.


Whether it's a classic, black motorcycle jacket, a sharp, bright-white, fringe racer jacket, or a soft, caramel suede mini trench coat, Wolf and Lamb's one-of-a-kind luxury leather items certainly make a statement.

We caught up with brand's founder and designer, Alison (Ali) Reynolds, to chat about her design process, her closet must haves and who she would die to see in one of her jackets.

Go inside the atelier below.


1. Tell us about how you first got into the fashion industry.

I've always loved personal style. Seeing how my people put together their outfits, interpret current trends, how they accessorize and add their own unique touches is inspiring to me. I studied business and wanted to work in an industry I was passionate about. I started working on the finance and operations side for several contemporary brands.

2. When did you decide you wanted to launch your own label and how did the sustainable leather focus come about?

I started thinking about launching a label a few years ago. I started working with my own collection of vintage leather jackets I had collected over the years, researching the fit, playing with different styles and new linings. As a life-long vintage lover, I've acquired some truly timeless pieces over the years. Pieces which hold special memories for me. I came across many vintage leather jackets that I knew would be modern, classic and just stunning once reworked.

Wolf and Lamb

3. Where does the name Wolf and Lamb come from?

I loved the contract between the two: the toughness of a leather jacket on the outside and the softness of a new silk lining on the inside.

Wolf and Lamb

4. Each jacket in the collection is individually made. Tell us about the process.

I am always on the lookout for unique pieces for my collections. I was in Europe recently and picked up an incredible 80's red motorcycle jacket from Warsaw that I am really excited about. Because each jacket is one-of-a-kind and individually made, each piece is its own exciting challenge in a way. What can we do to modernize this particular piece? What elements of the jacket make it stand out and how can we enhance them? What custom lining will tie the whole piece together? It's always so fun to see the finished product and just how beautifully it comes out.

5. What has been the most exciting moment in your career so far?

Seeing our wolf and lamb USA jacket in Cass Bird's viral video for Vogue video featuring Lily Aldridge, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Ashley Graham. I must have watched it a million times. Its incredible.

6. What are three things in your closet you can't live without?

My vintage black leather and python steel-toe ankle boots I got in Australia,Levi's 501's, and this red silk embroidered Isabel Marant mini black evening dresses uk.

#7. If you could see any celeb in one of your designs, who would it be?

Ruby Rose.

Wolf and Lamb

8. What do you think it is about a leather jacket that makes them so classic and never out of style?

For me, leather jackets always make me feel more confident. They are also incredibly versatile, seasonless and can be black formal dresses up or down depending on the occasion.

9. The collection is made and designed in LA. What are some of your favorite spots in the City of Angeles?

New Stone Age on W. 3rd St for indie jewelry designers and unique finds, LeoCarillo State Beach in Malibu where I can bring my pooch and Petty Cash for happy hour (cauliflower nachos!)

Wolf and Lamb

10. Where do you see the brand in five years?

I would love to expand internationally and to customize my collections for different regions. A men's line would also be pretty cool.

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