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Bride offers rewards for wedding day photos

It’s a heart-breaker, losing all your photos from your wedding day.

That’s just what happened after a thief made off with a wedding photographer’s cameras.


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Now the photographer is offering a reward and so are the newlyweds.

The bride and groom are hoping someone out there can help them get their photos back.

Cara Urias had the wedding of her dreams this past weekend up in Farmington.

But for now she’ll have to use her memories and guests’ cell phone pictures to look back on her special day.

Urias got the call from her photographer, Shanice Gonzales. Gonzales told her she left the two cameras she used for the wedding in her car overnight.

She says she must have forgotten to lock it up and when she woke up someone had made off with the cameras along with the memory cards. She took to Facebook and then had to break the bad news to the bride.

Two expensive Nikon cameras and all the gadgets attached.

But it’s the memory cards they really want back.

Gonzales did file a police report.

Between her and the bride’s family they’re offering a ,000 reward just to get the memory cards from the cameras back.

Gonzales says her two cameras were worth around ,000.

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